Can I Run WLP on a Mac?
Author: joannakim
Creation Date: 4/15/2011 11:48 AM
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Can I run WLP on a MAC?
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Some users reported running WL in Parallels or VMWare Fusion.
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Are "Parallels" and VMWare Fusion independent pieces of software that one can buy? If so, where can I buy it?
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Hi. If I were to use one of the software that you mentioned above, would WLP run exactly like when I ran it on a PC or are there differences/complications? Thanks.
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Wealth-Lab is a Windows application. Maybe someday it will change after Apple rules the world, but for now we don't support, use, test, or develop with/for MACs. But, if you search the forum enough you'll see that those have used Windows emulation have had good success. Good luck.
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I plan to spend some time at my friend's house in Killington, VT, and he said that he had a Mac Pro with quad core and 14 gigs of RAM. He also invited me to use this Mac while I am there.

So if we buy either the Parallels or the VMWare Fusion, do I need to install WLP on that Mac?

And after the installation, I would be using/operating WLP just like I have always done so at my PC, right?

It has been a while since I had to install WLP, but do I go to or an ATP site to do that? And then once WLP is installed on that Mac, I am assuming that I would use/operate WLP on that machine just like I always did on my PC, right?
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Can someone that uses a Mac help out Joanna here?
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yes, you have to install WLP on the mac after you install Parallels or VMWare Fusion. I use Parallels.
Keep in mind that you will to install Win7 after you install Parallels so it creates a virtual pc. Then you install WLP as you would have on a PC.

You have to reset your brain a bit since you are actually running WLP on a Virtual PC window that the software Parallels or VMWare Fusion creates. It is very fast and quite transparent.

Just remember:
1) you buy Parallels software
2) then you need a Windows operating system (Win 7 64-bit)
3) then install WLP once you start parallels that in turn starts the virtual PC window running Win 7.

I hope that helps a bit.

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Eugene - do you have any plans to support WLP in the cloud on Amazon WS or eventually on Google?
This would be one way of providing multi-platform support.
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You can already run WLD/P on VPS in Amazon WS:

Virtual Private Server and WL licence
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I run WLP on Windows 7 on Virtual Box on Mac. I ran head-to-head benchmark performance tests with WLP on Virtual Box vs. WLP on Parallels. Despite online reviews indicating that Parallels is faster, I found that with WLP Virtual Box was slightly faster. And - it's free. Plus, you can clone your virtual machine and run multiple WLP backtests/optimizations simultaneously in different Windows/VirtualBox instances.

You can also boot directly into Windows native on the Mac using Boot Camp. My tests indicated that this provides an approximately 20% performance increase over emulation (Virtual Box). For me, I am happy to give up the 20% in exchange for multiple instances at the same, shared directories, clipboard support, and being able to do other work in other apps while WLP is crunching, so I use Virtual Box.

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I've been using WLP for several years in a VirtualBox vm running Windows XP. The real host is a 5+year old PC running Xubuntu Linux (32bit kernel). Over this time, as WLP went through improvements (and possibly in conjunction with the evolution of .Net from version to to version 4), reliability and speed under VirtualBox has increased dramatically.

The ability to backup and clone complete vm configurations is invaluable. I always keep the last few stable vm configurations saved, in case I need to go back. Also, before upgrading or installing anything significant on my virtual PC, I create clone of the current vm, boot into it, and load my changes. If I mess up or don't like the new settings, I just go back to the previous vm and delete the test clone.
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Just a quick note:
I run WL on my iMac with Parallels without any problems.
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DartboardTrader suggests:

Take a page from the Fidelity ATP installer for Mac.. Consider creating a Wine ( "Bottled" version of WLP using

ATP for Mac uses .Net 4.5.1 and it runs well on my MacBookPro.
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