Can't see Monte Carlo Visualizer in action
Author: sedelstein
Creation Date: 1/12/2012 7:02 AM
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I searched the FAQ's below and tried the suggested solution yet I still can't see the Monte Carlo visualizer. I am using version 6.2 for x64. I've installed Extra Performance Visualizers 2011.06

Thanks for the help

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Steve, thanks but no FAQ quoting is required because I happen to know them (I'm the author).

1. Double check that .NET 3.5 is installed on your PC or MCV won't work.
2. And have you restarted WLP? Was installation successful according to messages in the Extension Agent dialog?
3. How exactly did you determine that you installed it? What happens, step by step?
* Can you see Analysis Series appearing on the list?
* Do you see "Extra Visualizers" in the Extension Manager?
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> Steve, thanks but no FAQ quoting is required because I happen to know them (I'm the author).

Only did that to show you I was being thorough and not wasting your time

4.0 installed
Analysis Series is visible. Monte Carlo is checked under Tools-> Ref -> Perf Visualizers
In Tools -> Ext Mgr -> Add-Ins Extra Performance Visualizers 2011.06 is listed and asks me if I would care to uninstall
I have restarted WLP but have not rebooted PC

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Thanks for your clarifications. I'm renaming the thread as there's remotely no problem installing MCV (it is installed).

Solution: Switch to Portfolio Simulation mode.
Monte Carlo visualizer does not work in Raw Profit mode.
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Yes thanks, I should have read more carefully
Your help is greatly appreciated
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