Calculation of indicator DIplus (and ADX) in WLD
Author: Prisma
Creation Date: 8/27/2010 1:17 PM
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the way WLD calculates the indicator DIplus (and ADX) is described here:

>>>>>>>> Calculation <<<<<<<<<<<
+DI = Round( ( +DM / TR ) * 100 )

DI+ = DIPlus
TR = TrueRange of current bar

The +DI is then smoothed over the period specified, the same way as a simple moving average, and +DM is calculated as follows:

1. For up trending days, +DM = today's high - yesterday's high
2. For down trending days, +DM = zero
3. For inside days, +DM = zero
4. For outside days, if today's high - yesterday's high, is greater than yesterday's low- today's low, then +DM = today's high - yesterday's high, otherwise +DM = zero
5. For upwards gap days, +DM = today's high - yesterday's high
6. For downwards gap days, +DM = zero
>>>>>>>>>> END <<<<<<<<<<<

I wanted to check the way DIplus is calculated but I can't figure out what the exact formulars look like in steps 1 to 6. What do especially "trending day", "inside/outiside day" and "gap day" exactly mean?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Egon (or John),

You seem to be registered on the site since 2002, have a lot of posts on using various aspects of Developer up to 2007. Yet we couldn't find your record in the customer database, a single ticket with unlock code request (do you still run the same PC as in 2002?), or since you're asking in a WL .NET forum, taking a trial of the new version.

Could you kindly help us fix this shortcoming in our database and enter a new support ticket to communicate your purchase order details? tia.
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Hi Eugene,

yes, I've used WLD a bit in earlier years when I was at the university. Lost focus later.

Now I still use an old trial version of WLD.

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Thanks for the clarification. Sorry, old trial is not supported as the legacy product (version 4) is not being sold since 2008. Software piracy and freeloading is not supported on our website.
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