Broker API for Interactive Brokers / E-Trade / other brokers
Author: elnzhaoyun
Creation Date: 11/7/2010 6:48 PM
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I've read the FAQ that states wealth lab is not supporting/releasing their broker api. However, it's possible to use COM to achieve this.
Has anyone done this? Is there any commercial product?
I cannot create an account for fidelity due to my country of residency but I'm really interested in using wealth lab.
I've search and found some products that's meant for WL 4 but none specifically for .NET.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Basically, disregard what said about COM; now this information applies to legacy WL3/4 users (outdated).

If your sole purpose is to run automated systems, then there's no turnkey solution I'm aware of, except than for the Russian markets created by a Russian brokerage.

It means, a solution can be developed because a broker interface exists.
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Thanks for the speedy reply Eugene.

I see. It's interesting that no one tackle this problem.

I'm a programmer, I can see that all the dlls are well structured.

Just wanna make sure i'm not reinventing the wheel if i ever dive into this topic.
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Please understand that we're not going to discuss the details of Wealth-Lab Broker API and possible implementations with someone who even haven't taken a free trial. Only with a paid customer, in our support portal (i.e. privately).
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