Breakout from the first 30 minute high
Author: stockking05
Creation Date: 5/29/2016 6:17 AM
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Hi All!

I'm new here and looking for someone to help me develop this strategy for back testing purposes. I'm somewhat new to programming and eager to back test this system. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Rules for the system.

•Use 30 min chart.
•Do not trade at all during 1st 30 min of the day. 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
•Mark the high and low of the 1st candle for the day 10:00AM
•The first candle thereafter to close below the low which you marked is a trigger to short.
•First candle to close above high that you marked is a trigger to go long.
•Enter immediately – as soon as the close above or below occurs.

Stop loss:

20 cent

profit target 40 cents

also I would like to compare the above to holding the position all day
with the stop loss set

Long ( High of the first 30 min candle)
short (Low of the first 30 minute candle)

Exit at 16:45

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Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forums. What you describe is very similar to two intraday downloadable strategies we've already got here:

Intraday Breakout system - breakout from the first 30-min range that holds the position all day
First Hour Breakout + MA system - breakout from the first hour range with stop loss % and profit target %

In the "Open Strategy" window, click "Download..." and uncheck "Published since" to get them all. The 2nd system almost suits your criteria but you'll have to make just a couple of minor tweaks in the Editor tab.
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Here you go:

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