Big and small characters
Author: mrsic
Creation Date: 12/14/2017 7:21 PM
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one of my friend has installed Wealth Lab (trial version) and after starting wealth lab the got big and small charackter. It is not possible to work with the software. Does anyone know why? maybe settings?

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Hi Damir,

"Big and small characters" gets my vote for Top-3 of the most cryptic problem descriptions ever. :-)

What does it mean to have a big character?

Just kidding. Tell your friend to look no further:

Open Issues > (146) Application needs to support 120 DPI throughout

If my guess is right your friend runs Windows 10 Home and so he might proceed straight to this most promising option:

Workaround: On Windows 10 Creators Update only, right click on Wealth-Lab's shortcut, select Properties, then under the Compatibility tab set 'Override high DPI scaling behavior' to 'System' from the dropdown.

If not, there's more than half a dozen of known workarounds to try out.
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Hi Eugene,

yeah, it is looks pretty funny. I have never seen such WealthLab before. :-)

That is right he has Windows 10. I will tell him.


greetings damir
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