Better Visual Studio-like debugging
Author: jheffez
Creation Date: 9/2/2016 8:58 AM
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Every one of us experienced at some point the limitations of WL debugging. Things like break points and watches used in Visual Studio. Using the printdebug is very limited and time consuming to troubleshoot. I would like to recommend the following in the next WL: better debugging like the ones in VS. Specifically: breakpoints, step-by-step line execution and variable watches. Alternatively, tight integration with VS to reduce the steps to test (close WL/open WL/attache process/debug). I'm sure many users will greatly benefit.

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Sorry if I was unclear but when asking to create this new thread the intention was to clear some confusion regarding an inexistent limitation that you think prevents you from implementing "drawings and forms such as lines". Anyway, to expand on my previous answer:

A full-fledged debugger will not appear in Wealth-Lab. It was purposefully discarded when Fidelity designed V5. Since then the design has always been like that as the Wiki FAQ suggests:

Where is the integrated debugger? How do I debug my strategy in Wealth-Lab 6?

And if you read the two linked Wiki articles there, you'll find out an answer to your question re: how to tightly integrate WL with VS for debugging. Hint: see step #12 in the 2nd article for a time-saving procedure which I use when developing WL extensions. Please feel free to ask followup questions.
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