Bar spacing using +/- keys
Author: Trefl
Creation Date: 10/28/2008 4:46 AM
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I'm trying to increase/decrease bar spacing using +/- keys on the numerical keypad but that seems not to work. After pressing + or - symbol a "Enter symbol" window appears in top left corner?

How can i use +/-?
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It appears that +/- can't be used, but scrolling with mouse wheel works.
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Use the toolbar or the mouse wheel for bar spacing. +/- is not assigned to spacing in Version 5.
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okey, i see.

I was a little bit confused: here is the text from WL User Guide:

To adjust the spacing of the bars on your chart, use the Increase, Decrease, and Restore bar spacing buttons. You can also control the bar spacing by scrolling the mouse wheel after clicking on the chart. You can also use the +/- keys on the numerical keypad to increase/decrease bar spacing."

Hope +/- keys would be added in further versions of WL.


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Thanks for pointing out that leftover from the Version 4 guide.

It's not going to be possible to include +/- keys in Version 5 because keystrokes enter symbols directly into the chart. The advantage of not having to go to the Data Tree (could be hidden) to change symbols far outweighs the benefit of having a third way to adjust the bar spacing.
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Not possible, or not going to do?

Tradestation has a great type on chart interface.

You can enter symbols directly as-well-as commands. Commands are prepended with a period (.) .d for example changes the chart to a daily chart. .min 5 to a 5 minute chart.
the up arrow and down arrow select bar spacing.

I love a keyboard interface. I might be the only one. But it certainly is not impossible.

Keyboard macro support would be good also.


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If you're a Fidelity customer, call them and request it. Please! Wouldn't it be great to just enter a string like msft@5m for a 5-min chart of MSFT or .spx@d for a daily chart of .SPX?

Obviously I'd like to see the chart/keyboard-entry interface beefed up too, but it's just not likely to happen anytime soon. There are too many other higher priority missing features that need to be integrated in Version 5 first.
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