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Author: MacroTrader
Creation Date: 12/30/2010 9:02 AM
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I am trying to download some currency data using the BBFree data provider. I am using the ticker info provided for the open Symbology ( but so far I have been unable to download anything.

For example for EURUSD, I had tried EUY:CME, EURUSD, EUR-USD, and other possible tickers, but still no data.

What i receive is:


Updating Provider BBFree Static ...
Updating daily data...
Up-to-date symbols: 0, Update required for: 0, New symbols: 1
Updating new symbols...
Symbol: UEY:CME, Bars: 0

Provider update complete for BBFree Static

Update completed (1.435 sec)

Can someone help me with this issue? Just need currency data on majors and some EM.

Thank you in advance ! ! !
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This symbology link is (probably) not applicable. Neither of these tickers are recognized by the BBFree provider. For symbol lookup, try using this website and enter a fragment of the ticker in the "Search Quotes and News" box.

If still no go, I suggest the QuoteMedia provider which has the widest choice of currencies, derivatives and exotic tickers.
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Due to demise of the free data feed we have to take down the BBFree provider from the Extensions section.
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