Auto-trade in Paper Accounts are Selling (Exiting) Inconsistently
Author: joannakim
Creation Date: 12/10/2010 10:23 AM
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Hi. I have a few different paper accounts set up mostly with very similar couple of strategies.They are supposed to exit from all positions at the market open at the market prices. They are not doing this consistently at all, and this has been this way for a very long time even after I deleted the existing paper accounts,and recreated them in order to start fresh.

Some times the accounts will exit from all positions like they were supposed to, but at other times, they would exit from some positions and not others, or not exit from any positions. Also some times, the accounts will exit from a position but leave behind 1 share: e.g. if there were 555 shares, it would sell 544 shares, and leave 1 share in the account. Do you have suggestions as to what I might do about this issue?
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As for inconsistency, it's due to errors. See your ticket 20089.

As for shares, it must be because you changed the sizing after entering the Position, or, you're using Portfolio Simulation mode and not consistently starting at the same place. In short, the size of the theoretical position is changing on a day after you entered the Position.
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