Apply New / Modified Strategy on Existing Open Positions
Author: stephenlobo2963
Creation Date: 7/13/2017 8:28 AM
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Have been using WLPro to back-test and create a strategy to do trading. Have used Entry Exit / Conditions provided in WL and 1 of them does not seem to run on live, although it works perfectly on back-testing.

1.. Can we create a new strategy and apply it on the existing open stock positions?
2. . Can the existing running strategy be modified and yet continue to apply the new rules on the open positions?

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I'll be working with you on "and 1 of them does not seem to run on live" issue in the support ticket. As to the other questions:

1. Yes, it's possible. There are examples of such "closeout" code on the forum, whatever you may need it for.

2. The question lacks detail on which answer may depend. For example, a Strategy running in the Strategy Monitor works with its own compiled copy; a Rule-based strategy cannot be modified externally etc.

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