Announcing WealthSignals Changes: 8/31/2016
Author: Cone
Creation Date: 8/31/2016 3:45 PM
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We'd like to announce the following summary of the most important changes for WealthSignals effective immediately. Details of these changes are reflected in the Legal Disclosures and Policies page.

Removed Public Sandbox
o There are now only 2 WealthSignals Trading System (WSTS) categories: Public and Private
o Authors posting public systems are required to participate in the Trading System Subscriber Network (TSSN).
o All previous public sandbox systems have been made Private.
o You can [still] convert a private WSTS to public at a later time.

Author Posting Fee for public systems
o The WealthSignals posting fee for a public system is a *one-time* non-recurring fee of $50.
o The one-time charge requires the author to maintain the system in good standing (cannot be demoted to private). Once demoted, a new fee will be required to publish in the TSSN.
o Recurring charges for current TSSN authors have already been canceled.

Probation and Automatic Status Changes
o The probation period for 'New' and 'Under Review' public systems is now 10 calendar days (was 30). In other words, if you've violated the 2-day rule, you will need to post signals consistently for 10 days to re-achieve the status of 'Accept Subscribers'.
o A WSTS that has been 'Under Review' for more than 30 days will automatically be demoted to Private.

o We revamped the System Finder page to make it easier to compare metrics by showing TSSN (Public) Trading Systems in a table with sortable columns.
o The signal posting cutoff time has been changed from 0925 to 0929 (1 minute before the session open). Notwithstanding, we generally expect signals to be posted in a more timely manner for the benefit of subscribers.
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