Advice on learning to program in C#
Author: dkritskiy
Creation Date: 7/2/2008 3:48 PM
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Hey there,
I've been using WL5 rules wizard for a while now, but I am reaching a point where I need to go beyond its capabilities. Can some one recommend where/how to start learning to program my own strategies assuming that I have practically no prior programming experience? Any books maybe, or web resources? Thanks!!!!

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Following on with the same topic.
I found some courses near me that may speed up my aquisition of basic programming skills
as well as give me a good foundation and structure for this vast topic.
Would you kindly tell me which of the courses below you feel would be the most appropriate
for setting a foundation or WEALTH-LAB.

1) Introduction to Programming with .NET
- Covers .NET framework, how to code using the C# and VB.NET languaes.
- The Visual Studio.NET development environment is used throughout.


2) C/C++ Part 1. Introduction to Programming with C.
- 1st part of a stdy for C/C++ family of languages.
- Key features of procedural programming using C,
and good preliminary to object orientated programming using C++.

These are the 2 most basic and they also branch off into more complicated fields, but these are the basic course.
Which of the two topics do you feel is a better/stronger foundation WEALTH-LAB. If you had to choose 1...first...
For someone that is very new to programming ?

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For sure #1.

Do not confuse C/C++ with C#. They are not the same!
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Aha ! Number 1 is it then..
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Wealth Lab Algorithmic Trading Starter Kit Course on Udemy Available Now

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The course demonstrates ready to use code with walkthroughs and also provides the basics of C# programming in the context of Wealth Lab explained on examples that are easy to understand for traders.

The course also provides some interesting tools and exclusive strategies based on the theory of Pivot and Fractal trading.

36 lectures, 17 hours of video content and over a thousand lines of code explained and walked through.
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that is helpful! Great
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