ActiveTrader Pro and Excel
Author: JWD
Creation Date: 8/4/2011 10:21 AM
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Good morning. I am new to the forum. I have no programming experience. I am interested in automating a strategy that I currently execute manually. I use Wealthlab for streaming charts with data from Fidelity, and I use ActiveTrader Pro to execute my trades. My "variables" (i.e., entry and exit points) are determined in an MS Excel 2010 spreadsheet, and are dependent on the current day's opening price.

If it is possible to automate my strategy, then I will pay someone else to do it. But before I invest time and resources to this, my basic question is, can it be done at all? Here is what I need to do:

1. Immediately upon the market open, pull the day's open price from ActiveTrader Pro and put it in my spreadsheet, then

2. Pull entry prices from my spreadsheet and execute buy orders based on these entry prices (either market or buy stop loss orders), then

3. Pull exit prices from my spreadsheet and place sell stop loss orders based on these exit prices.

The tricky thing here is that I need to make sure the buy orders are placed immediately (i.e., within seconds, not minutes) after the day's open.

Is all this possible?

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This is the Wealth-Lab community forum. We do not support ATP. If you have a WLP entitlement, then Wealth-Lab could pull the day's open price using the GetSessionOpen() function, but the rest of your strategy has to be programmed in WealthScript (C#).
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Thank you for your response. I don't really have a good understanding of WLP's full capabilities, I am basically illiterate when it comes to programming. Right now I just use WLP for one-minute historic data. I have the right to use WLP through Fidelity (if this is what you mean by entitlement). Is it correct to say that WLP could interact with Excel and execute these trades directly (without the need to use ATP)? Thanks again
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WLP could use Excel but better forget about the idea if you're not programming inclined:

Is there a way to read/write values to an open Excel sheet? (scroll down to the bottom)

As can be seen, it's not a turnkey solution and will require some C# coding in a WealthScript Strategy. Which might lead you to re-coding what you've got in Excel, in WealthScript (anyway, there hardly is something Excel does that WLP can't handle).
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That would be even better. As you can see I don't have a full grasp of WLP capabilities. It sounds like this all could be done through WLP. I won't be able to do even that myself but I will look for someone to do it for me. Thanks again!
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