ActiveTrader 2008-08 | Bearish shoulderette exit
Author: giorgos
Creation Date: 3/1/2009 9:11 PM
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I coppied the code for this script from Wealth Lab Wiki but it does not compile correctly starting here
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error CS1026@(33,24):)expected
error CS1002@(33,57):;expected
erroeCS1525@(33,57):Invalid expression term ")"
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Thanks for the heads-up. That was a copy/paste error, now corrected -- you may now copy the new code.

(Another possibility is to download the Strategies.ActiveTrader library from this site and install -- it contains already compiled code.)
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The problem with the Strategies.ActiveTrader library is it does not allow you to edit in
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It is not a problem, it's a feature. Since this is a library of already compiled strategies, editing isn't possible.

Future versions of Wealth-Lab will once again be able to download editable strategies from the site.
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In addition, why "it does not allow you to edit in":

A Strategy library can contain black box systems or other sort of know-how, therefore it can be protected. This way, vendors can distribute their strategies in compiled and obfuscated form -- meaning not only there is no source code available, but the library itself is protected from reverse-engineering.

Source code for all the strategies included in Strategies.ActiveTrader is available in our Wiki, in this Visual Studio project:

Download Strategies.ActiveTrader Source code

Edit: Fixed link
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