Access Yahoo Data Programatically
Author: Dave B.
Creation Date: 2/10/2017 7:19 PM
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Dave B.

Eugene / Robert:

We use Yahoo Historical Data as one of our providers to Wealth-Lab, but have found the need to create our own Data Manager application for more extensive data collection, checking and cleansing. Everything was working fine until...

Very early in February our connections and methods to Yahoo seem to be failing or moving at glacial speed. Wealth-Lab seems to be working fine (even v4). Internet Explorer / Microsoft NET methods seem to be the culprit as testing links and connections via Chrome seem good.

Could you give me some insight and / or links to the methods Wealth-Lab uses to connect and download Yahoo Historical Data.

I don't expect "state secrets", but if you could help a long-time user and supporter of Wealth-Lab, I would be eternally grateful. Point me in the right direction, maybe a clue…

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Sorry, we cannot disclose the methods or the download links. As you understand, troubleshooting 3rd party development is not our mission.

There's no shortage of pointers to Yahoo's URIs on the web with examples in many programming languages including C#. Yahoo rarely changes its endpoints so they should mostly work. If no go, you could try to decipher how Wealth-Lab calls Yahoo's URIs. Since you're or your team seems to be proficient with .NET methods, there shouldn't be any difficulty. How? There are tools for sniffing but I strongly do not believe that it'd be a reasonable idea to name them and elaborate on this on the public forum because I see a risk in other users scrutinizing our intellectual property.
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Dave B.

Understand completely.

Thanks, as always.
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