Ability to evaluate and choose between numerous Al
Author: TheInvis
Creation Date: 8/12/2008 7:39 PM
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If you're using a system that generates a ton of Alerts, it would be great if you could do an ad hoc sort of them in the Alerts window based on some evaluation criteria.

For example, average volume for X days. When you're trading into and out of a big position, you want to be sure that your trade(s) are a small piece of the pie. Nevermind lo-cap stocks, a lot of ETFs have scant trading, even following a run on a given day.

Yes, I realize that volume considerations can be made part of the script, but I'd like you even better if it was ad hoc.
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Sure it would be great, and you already can do that.

Just pass the average volume for X days (for example) as the signalName in the trading signal and sort by the Signal Name column (far right).
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