ASCII DataSet error: DataSeries do not have equal number of values for mathematical operation
Author: DIY
Creation Date: 9/12/2011 8:26 PM
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I have a folder containing numerous *CSV(comma delimited) files. When I create a new DataSet and run on backtest it comes up with the following Debug and Error Message 'Error processing symbol XYZnn. DataSeries do not have equal number of values for mathematical operations'.

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When stumbling onto a specific error message, don't hesitate to pay a visit to the Wealth-Lab Wiki, Errors section. There's a good chance we've already got it classified and having an explanation, workaround or solution. This one's no exception:

Errors | Strategy > "DataSeries do not have equal number of values for mathematical operation"

Follow the suggestions and if something isn't clear, feel free to let us know.


P.S. A couple of unrelated considerations:

1. Screenshots can be too big for different display resolutions, so I fixed it for you by adding a clickable thumbnail.

2. It would be enough in cases like this to hit Alt-PrtSc instead of PrtSc to capture only the current dialog (e.g. new DataSet dialog). Alternative: cut out the insignificant area in Paint.

3. To keep a screenshot sharp and not blurry, saving to PNG is preferred over JPG.
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Eugene, I apologise I did not have the correct date range in the Raw Profit Mode. I found the Error message in Wiki and double checked.

Thanks for the tips. Is there any way of reviewing what will appear on the Post eg screen prints before sending it?
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