84 year cycle forecast chart
Creation Date: 3/16/2017 10:34 PM
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Well, you can find those historical bars by comparing the bar's date with the list of known dates and highlight them with SetBackgroundColor but cannot make future projections. Drawing and plotting in the future is not supported except for some drawing tools like horizontal lines and trendlines.
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Just a thought to make future plots and predictions possible in Wealth-Lab -
The problem is the inability to add future bars to a chart. A provider could be modified to provide an option to automatically add a specified number of future bars. Things to think about:

1. Future bars would need to be assigned a closing price (at a minimum). What would that price be so as not to throw off the chart auto scaling? (The last closing value is a good choice, and most chart styles would show that value as a horizontal line projected into "the future",)

2. This option would be available only for a data provider modified for this purpose.

3. Strategy Alerts would not function (at least not correctly) since any alert generate would be a "future alert".
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