"Submitted" Order not going to Fidelity
Author: Frank1972
Creation Date: 12/30/2016 8:20 PM
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I'm running my strategy in a Streaming Strategy Window. When I get an alert I try and place the order and it does show up in the orders window with the status "Submitted" but nothing changes. It just stays "Submitted". When I click on the order row nothing shows up in the "Message Full Text" area. I have Active Trader Pro running to monitor the status of my account and I don't see the orders going out. Not sure why this is happening. Please see the attachment for a screen shot of what I'm talking about.

Any help or suggestions on why this is happening and how to deal with it would be greatly appreciated.


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And now with the attachment.
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Hi Frank,

Unfortunately, the inconvenience you're experiencing is well known. You might want to search the forums to quickly find existing cases:

Fidelity WLP Orders don't get placed properly (Stuck Submitted)

Hint: In addition to our "search as you type" box I also like to content search using Google like this: "site:wealth-lab.com/Forum/ stuck submitted"
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Frank, sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. Since we've never been able to duplicate it in a test environment, it remains an open issue. The best advice I can give you when this happens is to restart WLPro, log back in, delete the "Unknown" order statuses from the Orders tool, and try again. And, if you don't already do it, it's a good idea to restart WL Pro before every trading session.
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Added a note to Open Issues.
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