[SOLVED] Suggest your candidates to replace Yahoo Analyst Ratings provider!
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 5/22/2017 5:33 PM
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With the overhaul of Yahoo's website, there's no longer a way to extract a solid history of upgrades/downgrades - just last 5 items w/o a timestamp. Consequently, the broken Analyst Ratings fundamental provider will be decommissioned in the next update of MS123 Fundamental/News providers.

Since Y! is useless now in this aspect, you're welcome to speak up if you have a candidate for the new analyst ratings provider. It's important that the website you're suggesting shall be free - as we already have a Zacks Analyst Ratings provider as part of the Quandl provider suite.

After rejecting some websites, one natural candidate with data going back 1 year is:

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The MarketBeat analyst ratings provider has been released.

* Online user guide in the Wiki
* Direct installation link
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I've just discovered that Yahoo's new web page grabs up to almost 20 years worth of anlayst ratings data for a stock internally but displays only the last five or so items for whatever reason. That'd be a mistake to lose such as an extensive source of fundamental items.

The Yahoo! Analyst Ratings provider will be rebuilt and available in v2017.07 of the library.
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