Excel/OpenOffice DDE Streaming Provider
by MS123 (Eugene)

This is a streaming provider that receives real time quotes over DDE protocol from DDE servers built in Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc. It can be used to connect Wealth-Lab to several streaming real-time quote sources simultaneously (e.g. IB, IQFeed, Bloomberg, eSignal, MetaTrader, QUIK and more).

From version 2012.02, it has become possible to backfill DDE streaming charts with static data in any bar scale from any installed data provider by simply opening it.

For more information, please visit project's home page:

DDE streaming data provider in the Wealth-Lab Wiki

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Publisher: MS123
Category: Provider
Version: 2018.01
Licence: Freeware
Availability: Pro and Developer
# of Downloads: 115
Forum posts: 16
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