Community ChartStyles
by MS123 (Eugene)

Community ChartStyles is a library of Chart Styles developed by the Wealth-Lab user community. A Chart Style is a visual representation of a symbol's OHLC/V data.

The following Chart Styles are included in the library:

* Thick Bars (RA81)
* Dotted chart style (dansmo)
* Flexible Renko (dansmo)
* Heikin Ashi (Eugene)
* Constant Volume bars (Eugene)
* Enhanced Candlesticks (Eugene)

Visit project's home page in the Wealth-Lab Wiki for the documentation and source code: Community.ChartStyles

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Publisher: MS123
Category: Addin
Version: 2020.08
Licence: Freeware
Availability: Pro and Developer
# of Downloads: 40
Forum posts: 0
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