learning to program
Author: Yappy
Creation Date: 6/18/2009 8:07 PM
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i am attempting to learn to programme but finding the manual for wealth-lab developer 4 requires a prior knowledge of coding, so i was wondering what basic coding language book would be a good place to start would it be C language or C++. I am absolute beginner so all assistance would be much appreciated.


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You don't need C or C++ altogether for either Wealth-Lab 4 or 5. The legacy version speaks Object Pascal while the new platform is .NET-based, and the language of choice is C#.

However, we wouldn't recommend starting out with Version 4 for the reasons below:
Wealth-lab 4 or 5?

To learn C#, our WL5 Wiki has something to recommend:
How do I start with C# ? I'm a Wealth-Lab 3/4 user, how to learn C# ?