No Data Available on the chart
Author: zanek
Creation Date: 6/25/2009 11:14 PM
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Does anyone get the "No Data Available" message in the 'Chart' tab from WL (I have 5.3) when trying to backtest after midnight or so ?

I shutdown WL a couple times, but everytime I compile and run a strategy I get that message. In the morning/during the day, everything works fine. I presume they are shutting down their servers ?

Also, I get "No Data Available" even if I compile and run any of the examples that come with WL 5.3, so that eliminates it just being my code.

I'm able to login to Fidelity from within WL also.
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Have you tried turning On Demand Update in Data Manager off?

(For what Fidelity does to their data servers, please ask them directly.)
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In my experience, this message usually appears when you have a chart set up for streaming but, you're requesting a chart from Yahoo! or another data provider that does not support streaming charts.

Make sure:
1. that you're clicking symbols in a Fidelity DataSet, or,
2. turn off Streaming