Tick data availability
Author: tiger_dog
Creation Date: 7/20/2015 11:49 AM
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I am a day trader, currently using Tradestation for trades. They only provide 6 months of tick data
I use Vix in my trading strategies with 15 sec data, and 6 months does not adequately cover the full volatility range. Does wealthlab have a bigger data base, and can data be provided.
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For testing you can get a ton of historical tick data from kibot.com, including VIX. Use the ASCII provider (with data caching) to read it.

I don't know of a real-time tick provider that is integrated with WLD currently.
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Actually, what I need is 15 sec data, but it is usually built from tick data. 6 months of 15 sec data is all that I have available at the moment.
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Note that tick and second data have limited application in Wealth-Lab as you won't be able to run a strategy on these bar scales in the Strategy Monitor tool. For backtesting it's fine though.