Strategy Monitor Scheduling, Streaming Ghost Bar, and Paper Trading
Author: Cone
Creation Date: 1/3/2011 12:27 PM
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The items in the subject are influenced by the Markets.xml file that wrongly identifies today (1/3/2010) as a market holiday. Symptoms include:

# Paper trades do no execute, and,
# The partial bar in streaming charts is not properly initialized, and,
# Strategy Monitor Scheduling - intraday Strategies are scheduled to execute tomorrow, 1/4/2011 after the open. EOD strategies are scheduled to run after tomorrow's close.
# Inability to update 1/3/2010 EOD

To solve these problems for today:

1. Close WLP
2. Find and open the Markets.xml file in a text editor. It's in the WLP installation's \Data folder.. For example: C:\Program Files\Fidelity Investments\Wealth-Lab Pro 6\Data
3. Delete this entry:
4. Save, close, restart WLP.
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On Windows Vista/7/Server 2008 systems, opening the text editor with administrator privileges might be required. To do it, right click the Notepad's (or your text/XML editor of choice) icon and select "Run as administrator".
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Eugene & Cone,
Thanks from all of us who benefitted from your wisdom in the three separate Threads on this topic!!!