SellAtMarket is not being executed in Strategy Monitor
Author: fkhalili
Creation Date: 5/23/2016 5:00 PM
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I have completed my strategy and have back tested it successfully for several weeks. When I added it to the Strategy Monitor, Activated Strategy and Auto-Stage it, All the BuyAtMarket are being Staged but it does not stage my SellAtMarket orders. I even Placed the Staged orders, assuming the sell logic requires the Order being actually placed. However the Sell orders were never staged.

To Isolate it, I wrote a heart beat strategy to buy in one interval and sell at the other (to remove my specific logic.) The same symptom was observed: Below is the code:

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It's by design.

Check out the FAQ > Alerts are not triggered. This mistake is number one there. Besides, this peeks into the future.