Scans in WL 5.1?
Author: jht13
Creation Date: 1/17/2009 3:04 PM
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Just starting with 5.1 after using 4.5 for quite awhile. I would run "Scans" in 4.5, choose a DataSource, and get a list of stocks that met the scan criteria; ie, my candidates for buy tomorrow morn. I don't see any Scan type function; when I run backtest, it gives me all the trades, performance, etc., but not just a list of the symbols that are set up for "buy" tgmorrow based on yesterday's closing data. Manual says "5.0 is not a screener" That "scares" me. It obviously finds stocks if you set up Autotrader but I can't get that list to show up in my nightly scan run. Any help for "slow learner" appreciated. Thanks
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