Need More Intra-Position Info
Author: DartboardTrader
Creation Date: 3/19/2013 7:58 AM
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Often I have to synchronize the Trading System positions acquired versus the WealthLab strategy positions. Please make this easier by listing each position as a 'lot', showing the entry and exit information while at least one share is being held long/short.

This would greatly help with manual synchronization of expiring positions versus new positions. Currently, I can't tell if an intermediate lot has been entered and exited, because the "Open Positions" listing only shows the aggregate of the positions for that symbol. This makes manual synchronization problematic.

I need to see for each stock symbol each position's: Entry Date/Time, Entry Order Price, Entry Order Type, Execution Price, Execution Lot Size, OCA group. And for each sell/cover order I need to see: Exit Date/Time, Exit Order Price, Exit Order Type, Execution Price, Execution Lot Size, and OCA Group.

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I've got this marked for future enhancement. Thanks.