Nasdaq static, streaming and fundamental provider (includes Nordic stocks)
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 11/30/2014 7:52 AM
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Just released: a suite comprised of static, streaming and fundamental [dividends and short interest] data provider.

The provider is available for installation from our web site (Extensions section):

Nasdaq provider - installation link
Nasdaq provider online notes in the Wealth-Lab Wiki
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First update in years. By popular demand, v2017.04 introduces support for Nordic symbols delivered by Nasdaq OMX:

* New: support for Nordic OMX symbols (requested by Olekso-Monsterlo).
* Includes static and streaming provider. Supports GetSessionOpen and partial bar. Does not support Paper Trading and fundamental data.
* Fix: "Update all data" doesn't update any data during first-time update
* Fix: removed artificial limit (by default) in New DataSet Wizard preventing from creating DataSets which contain more than ~6500 symbols (32767 chars)
* Change: .NET 4.5 and Wealth-Lab 6.9+ required to install/update
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What's new in version 2017.10:

* New: support for automatic bar data corrections
* Fix: company name included inappropriate characters
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To "Nasdaq Nordic" users (only):

As you know, the provider allows to choose Nordic stocks from Classification Groups which includes several indices such as OMX Nordic 40, OMX Stockholm 30 and more. Classification has been updated so you can be sure you're using the latest constituents of an index. To update it in your Wealth-Lab, click "Create a New DataSet", choose "Nasdaq Nordic", and from there click "Refresh classification".

P.S. Suggest your indices to include in the Classification if interested in following more stocks!