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Author: thetraderman
Creation Date: 1/25/2011 1:32 PM
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Hi Everyone,

I am new to Wealthlab but not new to trading or programming. I am in the process of writing my own indicator for real time trading. The issue is my source file (xml) is getting pretty large and I would like to break it up into multiple source files, each having it's own class or multiple classes. Is there a way I can do it in Wealthlab? I see wealthlab uses xml files for sources and not .cs files for c#. Any help would be appreciated.

the traderman
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Hi Dan,

You might want to create a compiled library of your often-used (shared) functions and classes, and place it in the WLP's main folder under Program Files (if you place it somewhere else, an extra step required: you'll have to "Add Reference" in the Editor, to each strategy using the library, manually).