How to learn WL programming from start?
Author: Stigell
Creation Date: 5/23/2016 7:06 AM
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I would like to learn WL programing from start. Is there anyone out there who could help with tutoring, webinars or alike?

I am based in Sydney, Australia.

Kind regards

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Hi Stig,
It's not precisely what you're asking for, but you can start programming simple strategies with the Strategy Builder (and view the code result) and also work with the many examples that are available with the installation and the "Strategy Download" feature (found in Wealth-Lab's Open Strategy dialog, Ctrl+O).

If you already have programming experience, you should be able to pick this up quickly. For specific questions, try searching the forum (it's best to use google search and append to the query). If you can't find a ready-made answer, just start a new topic in the appropriate forum.

Also, see this FAQ about "Documentation" a little more than half way down the page.
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Stig, programming WL from the start is C# 101 essentially. When you learn the basics of C# you should know how to program in WealthScript in general. Consider looking for tutoring and webinars in C# to start with.