Community.Visualizers not recognized
Author: phehir
Creation Date: 9/14/2010 12:04 AM
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I have downloaded and compiled the community.visualizers source code. No modifications. I wanted to get the unmodified version working before making any custom changes. I have copied the community.visualizers.dll and ZedGraph.dll files into wealth lab installation directory (version 6) but it does not recognize the dll.

I have separately downloaded and installed the corresponding *.wle file and this file is recognized. So why is there a difference?
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You are using Visual Studio 2010 and have converted the project. Can't think of anything else. In this case, it has become .NET 4.0 based:

A library compiled for .NET 4.0 doesn't show up in Wealth-Lab 6
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Yes, I am using VS2010. Changed the Target Framework to 3.5 and it now works. Thanks.