Cannot modify the symbols within Metastock DataSets
Author: JohnFCig
Creation Date: 7/15/2016 12:48 AM
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I saw in a previous post that Metastock DataSets purchased from Norgate cannot be modified in WealthLab. Specifically, in the data manager when you attempt to remove/edit symbols from a Metastock data set purchased from Norgate the "apply symbol changes made above to data set" button is inactive. I just want to confirm there is no way to modify this data set using WLP and find out if there is a commodities data provider that can support modifications in WLP. thanks.
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yes and no.

You can't modify them from Wealth-Lab because the data are static Metastock files managed by Premium Data. However, when you perform a Premium Data update, P.Data may change symbols in a folder (like for the Nasdaq 100 components). To recognize changes to DataSets after a P.Data update, you must restart Wealth-Lab after every Premium Data update.

Remember, for Metastock data, you just tell Wealth-Lab where the data files are. Whatever MS files are in that folder, Wealth-Lab will read them on startup or first access.
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Hi John,

Could you respond to my question in your ticket (click here)?