Can I use Point & Figure charts?
Author: rjwinn021
Creation Date: 10/3/2016 7:55 PM
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I'm new to Wealth-Lab and don't see how to access point & figure charts.
Is there a way to access the charts to use to work on a trading strategy?
If there are already programs available, I'd appreciate someone telling me how to access them.

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Sure it's possible. Here's how to start:

* Wealth-Lab User Guide (Help menu) > Charting > Chart Styles > Trending Chart Styles > Point and Figure
* WealthScript Programming Guide (Help menu) > Backtesting with ChartStyles.Trending > Column Class (Reference) > Point and Figure

* Two strategies, one included in the installation ("Point & Figure (PnF) Basic") and one downloadable: ActiveTrader 2011-02 | PnF Double Top (follow "Instructions for Script Download").

You might also want to search the forum for keywords like "pnf" or "point" for more ideas.