Bloomberg Professional Data Feed
Author: Migster
Creation Date: 3/17/2014 4:00 PM
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Is it possible to use Real Time and EOD data feed from Bloomberg Professional with Wealth-Lab?

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Welcome to the forums Michel.

Static (EOD) and fundamental data can be accessed via this extension (available to registered customers):

Bloomberg Static

Streaming (real time) data can not.
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Streaming (real time) data can not.
I want to qualify that statement... we do not currently have an adapter to access Bloomberg Pro streaming, but it is certainly possible with API programming to create one (if you have the resources for that).

Note that the Static adapter was written for previous versions of WLD (3/4) and is not very well integrated with WLD6. We would like to create static, streaming, and fundamental BLP providers for WLD6 as soon as Bloomberg releases a data simulator for their open API.
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Hi Cone, is there any update yet on the Bloomberg Loader project?

Wasn't there an initiative once to build a new one with A.H. from Zurich?

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No update and AH never requested a new one. I keep waiting for the data simulator mentioned by Bloomberg years ago to use for development with their open API, but the wait continues. Also, some time ago I talked with Bloomberg about getting a reduced cost license for development, but after a series of emails they stopped responding without a reason.