Advice on learning to program in C#
Author: dkritskiy
Creation Date: 7/2/2008 3:48 PM
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Hey there,
I've been using WL5 rules wizard for a while now, but I am reaching a point where I need to go beyond its capabilities. Can some one recommend where/how to start learning to program my own strategies assuming that I have practically no prior programming experience? Any books maybe, or web resources? Thanks!!!!

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Following on with the same topic.
I found some courses near me that may speed up my aquisition of basic programming skills
as well as give me a good foundation and structure for this vast topic.
Would you kindly tell me which of the courses below you feel would be the most appropriate
for setting a foundation or WEALTH-LAB.

1) Introduction to Programming with .NET
- Covers .NET framework, how to code using the C# and VB.NET languaes.
- The Visual Studio.NET development environment is used throughout.


2) C/C++ Part 1. Introduction to Programming with C.
- 1st part of a stdy for C/C++ family of languages.
- Key features of procedural programming using C,
and good preliminary to object orientated programming using C++.

These are the 2 most basic and they also branch off into more complicated fields, but these are the basic course.
Which of the two topics do you feel is a better/stronger foundation WEALTH-LAB. If you had to choose 1...first...
For someone that is very new to programming ?

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For sure #1.

Do not confuse C/C++ with C#. They are not the same!
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Aha ! Number 1 is it then..