"External symbol" Rule and "Invalid Benchmark Buy and Hold" error
Author: detim
Creation Date: 2/14/2018 12:19 PM
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I´m jst starting with this software and want to test a basic strategy in times, when index ins trending up. So I added the moving average of the dji index as trending up.

But when simulating the strategy I receive the message, that dji is an invalid benchmark for buy & hold.

How can I test how a system works, in general market uptrend or downtrend?

Thank you for your help.

With best regards

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Hi Dennis,

Well, the error message is correct: .DJI is a symbol in Fidelity's notation. Not being a Fidelity Wealth-Lab Pro customer you can hardly have .DJI as a valid external symbol across your DataSets. Solution: change .DJI to an existing symbol - like ^DJI for Yahoo! data, for example. Don't forget to add it to a DataSet and update its data, or have "Update data on demand" enabled (less preferred).